Rocka Rolla
1 One For The Road
2 Rocka Rolla
3 Winter
4 Deep Freeze
5 Winter Retreat
6 Cheater
7 Never Satisfied
8 Run Of The Mill
9 Dying To Meet You
10 Caviar And Meths
Bonus track:
11 Diamonds And Rust
12 Mother Sun (Unreleased)
Produced by Rodger Bain.
Engineered by Vic Smith.
Recorded the last week of June and first two weeks of July 1974 at Olympic Studios, London.
Mixed and mastered at Trident and Island Studios, London.
Track 11 produced by Jeffery Calvert, Geraint Hughes (aka: Max West), and Judas Priest.
Engineered by Jeffery Calvert.
Recorded at Morgan Studio, London, December, 1975.
K.K. Downing- guitars
Rob Halford  - vocals,harmonica
John Hinch- drums
Glenn Tipton- guitars,synthesizer
Ian Hill- bass
Alan Moore- drums on 11

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