Point Of Entry
1 Heading Out To The Highway  3:45
 2 Don't Go  3:17
 3 Hot Rockin'  3:13
 4 Turning Circles  3:40
 5 Desert Plains  4:36
 6 Solar Angels  4:02
 7 You Say Yes  3:30
 8 All The Way  3:40
 9 Troubleshooter  3:47
10 On The Run  3:42
Recorded at Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain, Autumn 1980.
Produced by Judas Priest and Tom Allom.
Engineered by Louis Austin.
Mixed by Louis Austin and Tom Allom at Startling Studios, Ascot, England.
Mastered by Stewart Romain at CBS Recording Studios, New York.
Rob Halford - lead vocals
Glenn Tipton - guitars
K.K. Downing - guitars
Ian Hill - bass
Dave Hnd- drums  

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    Judas Priest - Nostradamus
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