Priest... Live
1 Out in the Cold
 2 Heading Out To The Highway
 3 Metal Gods
 4 Breaking The Law
 5 Love BitesSome Heads Are Gonna Roll
 6 The Sentinel
 7 Private Property
 8 Rock You All Around The World
 9 The Hellion/Electric Eye
10 Turbo Lover
11 Freewheel Burning
12 Parental Guidance
13 Living After Midnight
14 You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Bonus tracks:
15 Screaming For Vengeance
16 Rock Hard, Ride Free
17 Hell Bent For Leather
Engineered by Patrice Wilkison Levinsohn.
Recorded live at the Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, June 20,1986
and Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas, June 27, 1986, U.S.A.
Mixed at Criteria Recording Studios, Coconut Groves, Miami, Florida U.S.A.
Mastered by Mike Fuller, Miami, Florida U.S.A.
Rob Halford- lead vocals
Glenn Tipton- lead guitars
K.K. Downing- lead guitars
Ian Hill- bass guitar
Dave Holland - drums

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    Judas Priest - Nostradamus
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