Тексты песен Rolling St 
  • Moonlight Mile (Jagger/Taylor)
  • Mother's Little Helper (Jagger/Richards)
  • My Girl (Robinson/White)
  • My Obsession (Jagger/Richards)
  • Nearness Of You (Carmichael/Washington)
  • Neighbors (Jagger/Richards)
  • New Faces (Jagger/Richards)
  • No Expectations (Jagger/Richards)
  • No Spare Parts (Jagger/Richards)
  • No Use In Crying (Jagger/Richards/Wood)
  • Off The Hook (Jagger/Richards)
  • Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') (Ozen)
  • One Hit (To The Body) (Jagger/Richards/Wood)
  • One More Try (Jagger/Richards)
  • On With The Show (Jagger/Richards)
  • Out Of Control (Jagger/Richards)
  • Out Of Tears (Jagger/Richards)
  • Out Of Tears (Jagger/Richards)
  • Out Of Time (Jagger/Richards)
  • Pain In My Heart (Neville)
  • Paint It Black (Jagger/Richards)
  • Poison Ivy (Lieber/Stoller)
  • Pretty Beat Up (Jagger/Richards/Wood)
  • Prodigal Son (Rev. Wilkins)
  • Blood Red Wine
  • Respectable (Jagger/Richards)
  • Ride On, Baby (Jagger/Richards)
  • Rip This Joint (Jagger/Richards)
  • Road Runner (McDaniel)
  • Rock And A Hard Place (Jagger/Richards)
  • Rocks Off (Jagger/Richards)
  • Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
  • Route 66 (Troup)
  • Sad Day (Jagger/Richards)
  • Sad Sad Sad (Jagger/Richards)
  • Saint Of Me (Jagger/Richards)
  • Salt Of The Earth (Jagger/Richards)
  • Send It To Me (Jagger/Richards)
  • Sex Drive (Jagger/Richards)
  • She's A Rainbow (Jagger/Richards)
  • She Smiled Sweetly (Jagger/Richards)
  • She's So Cold (Jagger/Richards)
  • She Was Hot (Jagger/Richards)
  • Shine A Light (Jagger/Richards)
  • Short And Curlies (Jagger/Richards)
  • The Harder They Come (Cliff)
  • The Last Time (Jagger/Richards)
  • The Singer Not The Song (Jagger/Richards)
  • The Spider And The Fly (Jagger/Richards)
  • The Storm (Jagger/Richards)
  • The Worst (Jagger/Richards)
  • Thief In The Night (Jagger/Richards/De Beauport)
  • Think (Jagger/Richards)
  • Through The Lonely Nights (Jagger/Richards)
  • Thru And Thru (Jagger/Richards)
  • Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) (Jagger/Richards)
  • Till The Next Goodbye (Jagger/Richards)
  • Time Is On My Side (Norman Meade)
  • Time Waits For No One (Jagger/Richards)
  • Too Much Blood (Jagger/Richards)
  • Too Rude (Lindon Roberts/Lowell Dunbar/Robert Shakspeare)
  • Too Tight (Jagger/Richards)
  • Tops (Jagger/Richards)
  • Torned And Frayed (Jagger/Richards)
  • Tried To Talk Her Into It
  • Try A Little Harder (Jagger/Richards)
  • Tumbling Dice (Jagger/Richards)
  • Turd On The Run (Jagger/Richards)
  • Twenty Flight Rock (Fairchild/Cochran)
  • Undercover Of The Night (Jagger/Richards)
  • Under My Thumb (Jagger/Richards)
  • Under The Boardwalk (Resnick/Young)
  • Walking The Dog (Thomas)
  • Wanna Hold You (Jagger/Richards)

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