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 Gull Records through many subsiduary companies are releasing sub standard re-hashes of these 1st two albums under different guises. If for instance anyone out there has bought their "JUDAS PRIEST - THE BEST OF" - Insight Series, then they would find that 50% of the album consists of a mindless interview with John Hinch an ex-drummer with Priest who we had to let go because he was musically inadequate. The interview is not only  mislead  rubbish and false information. They, however have cleverly track listed the back cover so it appears that other band members are involved and as though it contains new material. It's just one example of how Gull Records are greedily continually exploiting and misleading the fans out there and unfortunately we cannot control it or stop them - but we can strongly advise you not to waste your money buying tracks you will already have under the original album titles. They have nothing new to offer and are just trying to cash in on the Priest name - so check CDwith  their name on it before buying.

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    Judas Priest - Nostradamus
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