You stitch me up good, and you cut me down
So I string you up to keep you hanging around
You dish the hot stuff up but you keep me waiting
So I'll play it dirty 'til your body is breaking
We've got to make love, the time is right
We've got to make love tonight
'Cause we're burnin' up
You make me greedy, you won't feed me my food
But I'll make out easy, 'cause I see straight through you
You cool me off and hot me up and that's not right
'Cause you'll get hungry in the heat of the night
And then we'll make love, just when it's right
And when we make love tonight
We'll be burnin' up
I know you feel the same
I know you feel the flame
Staring deep inside of you
Burnin' you up, breaking ya down
Breakin' you out in a cold sweat
And as you lose control, of your very soul
Your desire takes over
You'll feel the heat sway
You're round to my way
And suddenly you'll know that you're burnin' up

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    Judas Priest - Nostradamus
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